Let’s. Talk. About. Fat. Baby

Let’s talk about you and me…..if a certain song by Salt-N-Pepa popped into your head then thank you sooooo much for getting the reference!  And if you didn’t have a certain song pop into your head but thought about your favorite high fat food, then that is a-okay.  FYI….I probably should have named my blog “The Daily Cheese.”

I love fat.  I really loooove fat.   I actually have eaten more fat in the past year since I had my gallbladder removed then in my whole 33 years of eating.  And yes….the gallbladder helps you breakdown fats.  And yes…I don’t have one.  And yes….I can hear you say “then why is she eating so much fat?  Isn’t that bad?”  And…..I don’t know if it is bad but all I know is I. AM. HAPPY.  My depression is better, my anxiety is better, my weight hasn’t ballooned-up, and I am more satiated after meals.  I am not starving.  I am eating delicious meals.

Those above questions are what has started me on my trip down the rabbit hole to Nutrition-land.  And not the nutrition rules that we have ingrained, deep down in us.  But rather the new nutrition rules-the ones that are on the fringe of Nutrition-land and aren’t yet accepted by most of the doctors and nutritionists we seek guidance from.

I have no gallbladder.  How much fat should I eat?  What kinds of fat will be best for my digestive system?  If I eat low fat (the recommendation from the Mayo Clinic about diet post gall-bladder removal) then why do I feel good eating a high fat diet?

How will eating more fat raise my cholesterol?  The verdict is out on my current cholesterol levels but when I see my doc at the end of April I will post about my lab results (I have high cholesterol and have been able to keep it normal with diet and exercise so far.  But that was before I increased my fat intake).

In blog post from a registered dietitian that was also on the Mayo Clinic website, it is recommended to keep a serving fat to under 3 grams of fat at a time (she also mentions some people can’t digest dairy or caffine like they used to after a cholecystecomy–TRUTH!).  Another dietitian with The Cleveland Clinic mentions the same fat recommendations.  At least she says to see how it goes with healthy fats as time passes after a Cholecystecomy.

So does that mean I can’t eat avocado, nuts, red meat from happy cows, cook with coconut oil, cook with unrefined, sustainable red palm oil, cook with schmaltz (chicken fat) and other animal fats?  All those foods have way more fat in them then 3 grams per serving.  You know what has under 3 grams of fat in it per serving?  Processed low fat food that is high in refined sugars and chemicals.  Why do I want to put that into my body?  See why I am having a hard time with the accepted nutrition status quo?

The latest research is saying that fat is no longer the enemy and eating a diet high in HEALTHY fats and HIGH QUALITY ANIMAL FATS from happy cows, pigs, ducks, and chickens are not detrimental to our health!!!  As a matter of fact Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe had Dr. Cate Shanahan on their Balanced Bites podcast (podcast #286) recently discussing the newest info regarding fat, fats effects on cholesterol, why canola oil is bad for you and your brain, and how we became so afraid of fat to begin with and how this changed our relationship with food.

Yay!  We can actually eat food again! And not the processed, low fat crap that we have been brainwashed into shoving in our mouths.  This pod cast is around an hour and a half.  It has amazing info in it and was eye opening.  I had to listen to it over a couple of days.  I found that listening to it while I cooked dinner was the easiest way to find time to listen to it.  It is worth the time.  For me that podcast was eye-opening.

I am still on the quest for my optimal sans gallbladder diet.  I visit the GI doctor tomorrow.  As I find more info, I will post it.


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